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New Food Cart Chi-Scream Hits the Streets

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Searching for a cool summer treat? Chi-Scream, a new gourmet ice cream sandwich food cart, that hit the streets a few weeks ago, can provide just that. Former chef de cuisine at Spring and Green Zebra, Josh Jones is the mastermind behind the operation that currently sends out two bike carts to deliver ice cream. The ice cream sandwiches are hand crafted by Jones and the team and each ice cream flavor is paired with a specific cookie. The sandwiches are all natural and they utilize fruit from the farmers market whenever possible.

The current flavors are: triple chocolate cookie with peanut butter banana ice cream; lemon cookie with blueberry ice cream; vanilla bean shortbread with strawberry ice cream; and molasses cookie with double vanilla ice cream. Some of the flavors will change depending on what is in season, and they are currently working on some "wacky combinations" according to Jones.

To find the cart check them out on Twitter or Facebook. The sandwiches can also be found at the Logan Square farmers market and at Duke's Tavern in Crystal Lake. In the future, they hope to sell to more restaurants and boutique grocery stores.

Green Zebra

1460 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 312 243 7100