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Balena, Yusho Make Bon Appetit's Top 50

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Congratulations are in order to both Balena and Yusho who made Bon Appétit's list of the Top 50 Best New Restaurants.

So why these two? According to Bon App restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton it's the amaro-focused cocktail list at Balena, as well as the smoked mackerel; and mortadella and pistachio pesto pizza. At Yusho, which Knowlton calls a "kick-ass izakaya" it's the small touches like the sardine can the bill comes in, and the projectors playing anime and Japanese monster films. He also mentions the great food, specifically the cod chawanmushi and Thai basil soft serve ice cream.

On August 14, Knowlton will narrow his list down to the Hot 10 and include his choice for best restaurant. Do you think both restaurants will make the cut?

·Top 50 Best New Restaurants [Bon App]

Balena [Photo: Barry Brecheisen]


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