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Homaro Cantu Scraps Plans for Lab at Green Exchange

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So that big food lab and brewery Homaro Cantu was planning on opening at the Green Exchange? It looks like it's not happening. At least not at that location.

In February, the Moto chef/owner talked about his grand plans to build out a multimillion-dollar, 5,000 square-foot lab to "work on disruptive green technologies in any facet of the food industry" as well as launching Outside the Box Brewing Company. Apparently the deal never went through, but Cantu said his team still plans to open the facilities; however, they're now looking at spaces in Wicker Park and Bucktown. Any idea where?
· Homaro Cantu Planting Seeds to Open New Lab, Brewery at The Green Exchange [~EChi~]

[Photo: Moto]

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