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Curtis Duffy Reveals More Design Details for Grace

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[Photo: Michael Muser]

In part two of an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at opening Grace (part one is here), Eater contributor Bonjwing Lee (author of the blog the ulterior epicure) digs in with chef/owner Curtis Duffy and partner/wine director Michael Muser about what their forthcoming West Loop restaurant will look like.

The team scrapped plans for space-age sleekness in the lounge in favor of more comfort with a bar set just to serve cocktails, wine and bubbles (no food for now). The main dining room will seat 62 people, who will have a view into an open kitchen with white subway tiles and white marble worktops. The private dining room will be set behind a frosted-glass wall and seat 10 to 12 people.

And it appears that not only will the food be seasonal, but the four unisex bathrooms will be as well. Sort of. Each private bathroom will be based on the seasons, shown through different colors and textures.

Eater National has more details and photos of the current build out. As for the food, Duffy is staying tight lipped on that for now. Watch for the next post, which will be a profile of Muser discussing things like creating the restaurant's personality and setting up a reservation system.
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652 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60661 (817) 877-3388


652 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL