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Trotter's Long Goodbye, Pt. 2

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Charlie-Trotter-082912.jpgAs Charlie Trotter's closure comes even closer, the Tribune's Mark Caro continues his look back at its 25-year history. Today's 5000-plus-word article hits on the intensity in the kitchen and fear that oftentimes drove the chefs. Through interviews with chefs like Mindy Segal, Graham Elliot, Gale Gand, Rick Tramonto, Matthias Merges, David LeFevre and more, stories comes out about smashed plates, tossed food, public humiliation (both in the kitchen and at tables when chefs, like Elliot, had to apologize to diners), chefs being pitted against each other for "motivation" and much more. Read on and stay tuned for part three. [Tribune]

Graham Elliot

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