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Stephanie Izard Inspired by Iron Chef Loss Sunday Night

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Stephanie Izard [Photo: <a href="">Crain's</a>]/Michael Symon
Stephanie Izard [Photo: Crain's]/Michael Symon
Photo: Eatocracy

It was a fun, heated and furious bout on Iron Chef America Sunday night, when Stephanie Izard went head to head against Iron Chef Michael Symon. In the end, despite giving it her best shot and showing her fierce competitive side, Izard lost out to Symon by just a few points with the final score landing at 56 to 52.

For what was dubbed "Battle Bread," Izard, with sous chefs Dave Ochs and Joe Flamm in tow, and Symon each prepared a number of dishes that included some form of bread. Izard crafted an oyster po' boy, banh mi spring roll, seared tuna melt and a lobster roll, while Symon's team pulled out a squash blossom Milanese, focaccia gnocchi, breaded black cod with beets and a challah and lemon souffle. But what seemed to excited Izard the most was her deep fried peanut butter ice cream sandwich dubbed the fluffernutter.

Izard took to Facebook this morning to reflect on the episode and give major props to her sous chefs as well as calling Symon a "badass." She went into the show, which taped more than a year ago, feeling super competitive, but now that she had a chance to watch it, realized she learned a lesson and wrote, "I am an idiot. Winning was not what going on Iron Chef was all about. Going in, throwing down and putting out some fun food the way we like like to cook is what it was about. And having fun while we were doing it—that we did."

In addition to learning the lesson, she gained inspiration and will re-create the fried ice cream sandwich and add it to the menu at Girl & The Goat this week. Instead of strawberries, she'll use more seasonally friendly local grapes, and invites fans to "come on by for crispy fluffernuttery goodness later this week!"
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