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312 Chicago's Online Cooking Classes; Grayson Schmitz Leaves Chicago; More

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LOOPLuca Corrazzina, the chef at 312 Chicago, has launched a series of online cooking demos and will add new videos to the restaurant's Facebook page each Monday for the next few weeks. [Chicagoist]

NEW YORK—Almost as soon as she got to town, Grayson Schmitz, of Top Chef Texas fame, is heading back to New York to be head of recipe development at Olivier Cheng, a catering company. Other opportunities will be announced soon. [EaterWire]

NEW ARRIVALSGraham Elliot and his wife, Allie, welcomed their baby boy, Jedediah Lindsay Bowles, on Aug. 25. The baby's stats: 9 pounds, 2 ounces. Congrats! [EaterWire]

BELVIDERE, IL—On Sept. 22, Standard Market will host a Q7 Ranch farm dinner and tour at the farm. The $150 ticket includes transport to the farm and the dinner, which includes pairings from Twomey Cellars and Silver Oak. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Luca Corazzina]

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