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Last-Minute Date Starters

BellyQ's bar area
BellyQ's bar area
Photo: Yasmina Cadiz

Summer is undoubtedly the best time of year in Chicago with street, food and music festivals abundant. These activities are best enjoyed with a companion, so join Eater Dating today and take advantage of all that Chicago summer has to offer while it lasts.

How about we...

...hit up the iconic Chicago sausage staple Franks 'N Dawgs for some meaty treats..

...go halfsies on an enormous "hawkeye" pork tenderloin sandwich from Frog N Snail.

...check out the late night pizza and wine specials at La Madia.

...have ourselves a Sunday Funday and get Ketel One Crushes at Sidetrack.

...combine two of our favorite cuisines and head to BellyQ for Asian BBQ (above).

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