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Look Around BellyQ and Finally See the Menu

Welcome to BellyQ
Welcome to BellyQ

[Photo: Barr Brecheisen]

So you already know that BellyQ opened this week and that Bill Kim didn't want to release the menu before opening, which made you want it even more (or maybe more annoyed?). But now that the West Loop restaurant, with its infrared tabletop grills, karaoke room, front lounge with a communal table and cool urban vibe, is open, it's time you looked around at the full gallery and, while you're at it, take a gander at the menu below as well.

The menu is broken up into various categories like belly bites (Thai-style fried chicken, savory Asian pancakes), wood burning oven (goat milk feta cheese and rice noodle pancake; double-smoked bacon and kimchi pancake), tofu hot pots (seafood; vegetables) and tea smoked (duck breast; pork steak, lamb rib). For the full experience, check it out here:


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