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Pizza Patron, the Nation's Leading Latino Pizza Brand, Coming to Chicago

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Did you know there was a pizza chain that caters to the Latino market? It definitely comes as news, but perhaps the more relevant info is that it's coming to the Chicago area. Pizza Patrón, with more than 104 locations in seven states like California, Florida, Texas and Arizona, will open at the end of August in Cicero at 2313 Cicero Avenue.

The 20-year-old Dallas-based pizza chain is also currently looking for locations in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods inside Chicago and its suburbs to open three total locations by the end of 2012. While the expansion seems like good news, the company isn't without its controversy or notoriety. In 2007, it started allowing people to pay with Mexican pesos through its Pizza for Pesos program and then in 2012 began giving away free pizza to anyone who ordered entirely in Spanish. So the bottom line is if you want free pizza, you'd better brush up on your Spanish.
· Pizza Patron Begins Expansion Into Chicago Market [MarketWire]

Pizza Patrón

2313 Cicero Avenue, Cicero, IL