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People Steal Metal Straws from the Aviary, Get Busted

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Does The Aviary keep a watchful eye over potential thieves? Not necessarily, but a woman visiting town admitted to trying to snag a metal straw from her drink, but wasn't successful. After popping the potential collectible into her purse, she got busted. "Little did I know they have cameras on the ceiling and I got caught," she told Zagat. "Another waiter came up to me and asked if he could have the metal straw back. So patrons beware!! Don't try to steal the metal straw!"

But does the high-end Fulton Market cocktail lounge really use the ceiling cameras to try and bust people? No, according to co-owner Nick Kokonas, who said the cameras were there before the Aviary was. "[The cameras] are not used to catch thieves," he said. "People who are drinking make bad crooks. If you give someone a straw or port hole and it disappears it's obvious."
· Chicago's Aviary Cracks Down on Metal Straw Thieves [Zagat]

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