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Chicago's Hottest Sweat and Spandex; Vanilla Ice on Ninja Turtles; Gallery Aesthete Coming Soon; More!

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And now the latest from the intrepid shoppers and fitness fanatics at Racked Chicago, reporting on retail and style from the sidewalks up...

[A sampling of the hottest trainers in Chicago]

EVERYWHERE - 'Tis SEXYTIME this weekend as it's also officially 'go time' for our Hottest Fitness Trainers Contest. When you've sufficiently saturated your keyboard with drool from ogling at all this sweaty spandex and durrty muscle, you vote. You vote for the hottest fitness trainer in Chicago.

NEIGHBORHOODS - This week has been one hell of a week for celeb sightings and celebs to come. First we got to ask Vanilla Ice how many boobs he's seen in his whole lifetime, followed by a convo when we get to see his tattoo. Then, we learn Kelly Osbourne is coming for the Mag Mile Shopping Fest, followed by Hilary Duff wearing M2F Denim as she shows off her slim figure before her return to TV. Nothing compared to last week's sighting of Lady Gaga's BF, Taylor Kinney on the set of Chicago Fire.

GOLD COAST - Earlier in the week a certain super high-end conceptual Racked 38 Member leaked some Instagram photos which led us to speculate about a new store. Lo and behold, Bonnie & Clyde's is ditching their secret hideout for a new fourth floor lair called Gallery Aesthete.

LOOP - Each year its touted as THE fashion event of the year. Well, that's debatable, but each year it does get bigger and better with more noteworthy Hollywood names and local scenesters. This year we were front (a few rows back) and center live-tweeting the whole show. From pop duo Karmin and Robin Thicke backstage to the miniature break dancers at the afterparty--we've got it all. And in case you missed it, here's Macy's best charitable show to-date, Glamorama 2012.