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Michael Carlson Arrested for Fireworks Disturbance

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Looks like it was another crazy night at Schwa, but this time instead of the chefs having drinks with the guests and getting a little crazy, the police were called in. Apparently chef/owner Michael Carlson was shooting off fireworks outside the restaurant and causing quite a disturbance.

Eater received a tip from a reader earlier today (right around when this blind item went up) to say that around 10:30 last night Carlson was setting off fireworks on the street off the alley behind Schwa and that it was the second time this week it happened. "This was not a small amount of fireworks," the tipster wrote. "There was a lot in multiple rounds." The police then arrived and allegedly put Carlson in handcuffs before putting him in the back of the police car.

A call to Chicago Police News Affairs confirmed Carlson was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor after police responded to a fireworks disturbance. Carlson was released on an I-bond and will have to appear in court in the near future. Carlson's camp had no comment.
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Michael Carlson [Photo: Steve Koo/Flickr]

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