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Starbucks Proposing Drive-Thru-Only Shop in Edgewater; Lakeview Spot to Start Beer, Wine Service Aug. 18

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Starbucks is hoping to introduce a new concept to the Chicago market that would bring a drive-thru-only store to Edgewater. The new concept, currently only in Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Denver, would see a Starbucks built out of recycled box cars that would also include a walk-up window. The proposed store, at 6350 N. Broadway, would sit on a 12,500 square-foot lot at the southwest corner of Devon and Broadway where a Checkers Drive-In closed years ago. To control traffic, cars would enter and exit on the Broadway side.

Ald. Harry Osterman recently hosted a community meeting between Starbucks and residents living within 1,000 feet of the proposed business and apparently the concept received overwhelming support. This Starbucks would also include a large outdoor patio for hanging out during warmer months. Since it's still being proposed, an exact opening has not yet been set.

This news comes on the heels that Starbucks will start serving beer and wine at an existing Lakeview location. That spot, at the corner of Diversey and Sheffield, is set to introduce this new concept on Aug. 18, according to a staffer at that location.
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6350 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL