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The Bristol's Pan-roasted Half Chicken with Dill Spaetzle

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Welcome to the Eater video feature Untouchables. In it, we highlight iconic cult dishes that are practically synonymous with the restaurants that serve them. They are dishes that persist through menu changes, that diners return to again and again, that chefs can't remove for fear of revolt.

This time we had to Bucktown and the Bristol where chef/owner Chris Pandel would never dream of removing a longstanding favorite: the pan-roasted half chicken served with dill spaetzle and a crunchy salad. Pandel said the dish has been the same since they opened a few years ago, and admits that over the years he's tried changing it up, but diners would hear nothing of it. "They refuse to let us take it off," he said with a smile.

The Bristol

2152 North Damen Avenue, , IL 60647 (773) 862-5555 Visit Website