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Quartino Adds New Second Level Outdoor Patio

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Want to dine on the street without actually being on the street? Quartino just added a second-level patio to cater to your desires. The New Orleans-feeling veranda, which opened on Friday, overlooks State Street and the bustle below, but you're above it so who cares?

To build out the new 40-seat area, the restaurant, owned by John Coletta, Steve Lombardo and Larry Shane, had to enclose part of the sidewalk patio, adding another 40 seats inside the restaurant, but still kept some lower-level seating. Otherwise it's business as usual at Quartino, but you can now enjoy housemade pastas, crispy-crust Neapolitan pizza and that great, super affordable Italian wine list above the fray.

Quartino Ristorante & Wine Bar

626 N State Street, Chicago, IL 60611 312 698 5000 Visit Website