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Bleeding Heart Bakery Officially Closing Aug. 5

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On Friday, after a Craigslist post advertising a garage sale of baking and kitchen equipment, a question was raised: Is Bleeding Heart Bakery going out of business? The answer came later that same day when the bakery, which has had a troubled year, posted a note to its Facebook wall confirming the suspicions.

"It is with a heavy heart that we announce, today, that Chicago's Bleeding Heart Bakery is closing on August 5th, 2012. We have had 9 amazing years, we have learned so much and have met some of the most awesome people."

The post went on to explain that owners, Michelle and Vinny Garcia, did not come to this decision easily or that they are being forced to close. "We have been given opportunities to progress our career beyond the bakery in an environment that is better for our family." No word yet on what the Garcias plan to do.

There has been considerable backlash, mainly coming from former employees and some disgruntled customers, and their gripes are chronicled on the Bleeding Heart Bakery tumblr. And this report, in response to the bakery's garage sale, claims the Garcias are selling equipment that actually belongs to the bank; that news, however, has not been confirmed. Either way, this is the beginning to the end of a longtime Chicago business, which has definitely made an impact on the city.
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Bleeding Heart Bakery

1351 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL