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What to Eat at Hash House A Go Go, Opening Tonight

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Photo: Hash House A Go Go

The " a go go" in the name suggests you should have a fun time, but then whenever you're eating comfort food in a cool setting, shouldn't that be a given? Only you can tell, so head over to Hash House a Go Go, opening today in the Gold Coast at 1212 N. State.

The restaurant, originally from San Diego, is a 215-seat modern diner complete with stainless steel and aluminum accents, a retractable garage door facade, tufted red leather booths, black and white agricultural photography and more.

Hash House will be open for breakfast through dinner and then also have a late-night menu and has a full bar. They have an extensive brunch menu as well and, while it's comfort food, they term it as "twisted farm food" and source many ingredients locally. Want more? Check out all of the menus, starting with breakfast, below.

Hash House Menus

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Hash House A Go Go Chicago

1212 N State Parkway, Chicago, IL 60610