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Publican Quality Meats Launching Sunday BBQ Series

After kicking off Tuesday burger nights with bourbon and beer, Publican Quality Meats is now getting into the barbecue biz. Paul Kahan's Fulton Market artisan butcher shop and market will start hosting Sunday night barbecues on July 8. The party will be set up outside in PQM's parking lot between 3 and 8 p.m. with two large grills, full table service and a menu featuring two meat and two veggie dishes each night. And this being a barbecue, expect fresh cocktails and a special shot hand-picked by the chefs.

And what would a barbecue be without friends? PQM has invited some great chefs to join them behind the grill and Telegraph's John Anderes will kick things off this Sunday. Other chefs lined up include Matthias Merges (Yusho), Jason Hammel (Lula Cafe, Nightwood) and Bill Kim (Urban Belly, Belly Shack). Future barbecue dates include July 22 and 29 and August 19 and 26.

[Photo: Jason Little]

Publican Quality Meats

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