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Bonsoiree Tickets Go on Sale Starting Tomorrow

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If you want to dine at Bonsoiree while Shin Thompson is still the acting chef in the kitchen, you can call the restaurant directly and make a reservation for a date up through August 12. Anything after that? You're going to have to buy a ticket.

Bonsoiree, as previously reported, will close after service on August 12 to redecorate and reorganize while chefs Beverly Kim and her husband, chef Johnny Clark, prepare to take over the kitchen. The restaurant will implement a new ticketing system and the first round of tickets go on sale tomorrow, July 19 at 10 a.m. for nine-course tasting menus between Aug. 22 through Sept. 16. Watch Bonsoiree's website, Twitter and Facebook page tomorrow morning for a link to order.
· Beverly Kim Leaving Aria to Partner With Shin Thompson at Bonsoiree; Will Take Over Kitchen [~EChi~]


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