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Did Budacki's Really Lose By Anthony Bourdain Canceling His TV Shoot?

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So it looks like when Anthony Bourdain comes to town, things happen. Or don't, in some cases. Yesterday, Eater reported that Bourdain had planned to hit local hot dog shop Budacki's Drive In for a future episode of his show The Layover, but after the owners posted a note inviting patrons in for the taping and a hot dog special, Bourdain caught wind and canceled the shoot.

This resulted in a lot of people praising Bourdain for sticking to his guns to have an authentic taping experience, while others came to the defense of the hot dog stand, saying they're losing out by not being featured. But did they?

Based on the amount of attention this story got (not only on Eater but on many other food sites around town), Budacki's may fare just fine. Sure, it may not get national exposure on the show, but before yesterday, how many people outside of the general Lincoln Square/Ravenswood area had ever eaten there or visited? Now Budacki's may see a boost purely on awareness alone. So, did the hot dog shop really lose out by not being on? What do you think?

While Bourdain likely won't be hitting Budacki's, he did visit Girl & The Goat yestrday, which he called, "magnificent," and hit El Ideas last night for dinner (where he apparently also taped for The Layover) and gifted the kitchen with a bunch of Schlitz tallboys. Today he ordered an Italian beef (looks like at Johnnie's) "hot, sweet and wet," confessing that it felt "awkward" to ask for it that way. So how did he feel after eating it?
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Girl & the Goat

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Budacki's Drive In

4739 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL