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Anthony Bourdain Cancels Shoot at Budacki's Drive In

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What's the fastest way to piss off a guy who easily gets pissed off? Advertise that he's going to film at your restaurant for an upcoming show. That's exactly what happened when Anthony Bourdain was set to shoot an episode of his Travel Channel show The Layover this Saturday at Budacki's Drive In.

The tiny hot dog stand, pretty typical for a Chicago walk-up hot dog shop, posted signs that Bourdain and the show would stop in July 21 between 1 and 3 p.m. and invited diners in for $1 hot dogs "all the trimmings, no fries included. Limit 2." Bourdain apparently didn't like this and tweeted, "How NOT to get your place on TV: ?#cancelthatshoot?!" Let's hope Budacki's keeps the $1 hot dog special. They already pissed off Bourdain; don't need to piss off the people, too.
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Budacki's Drive In

4739 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL