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Joncarl Lachman Working to Open Dutch BYOB in Philly

Who says you can never go home again? Joncarl Lachman, the chef/owner of Lakeview's HB Home Bistro (and former owner of Andersonville's Vincent) is currently making plans to open a new restaurant in his hometown of Philadelphia. Lachman tells Eater Philly he's been looking for spaces for a while and, while he and life- and business partner Bob Moysan are targeting a 2013 opening, it's possible they could open their Dutch-inspired BYOB with a working name of Winkel as early as November.

"I'm turning a significant age [this year] and I've been in Chicago for 10 years. I miss home," Lachman told Eater Chicago. "HB is based on the Philly dining scene where there's a lot of BYOBs and I've always wanted to go back and be a part of that. It's homesickness in a way."

So what does this new restaurant and move mean for HB, which just turned seven in May? Lachman said HB will absolutely remain open and he's currently working closely with sous chef Victor Morenz to move into the chef de cuisine role and keep things status quo. Lachman will remain HB's exec chef and will return to Chicago on a somewhat regular basis.

"My emotional investment in that restaurant .. I love it so much," he said. "We're so old school there and it means everything to me. It's important that HB will remain an absolute priority to me. We've made so many friends there. It's more than a restaurant to us."
· Acclaimed Chicago Chef Opening Philly Restaurant [Eater Philly]

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