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Scream for Ice Cream? Just Call Uber, At Least This Friday

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In the mood for ice cream and don't have any on hand? You're in luck, assuming it's Friday July 13 and you live or work in River North, Gold Coast, Loop or West Loop. Because Uber, which currently offers on-demand SUVs, town cars and taxis, is adding, for one day only, on-demand ice cream trucks! Ice cream? Yes, ice cream!

Here's how it works: sign up for Uber (available for iPhone and Android phones), request the ice cream truck and tell it where to go. Wait. When the truck shows up with five ice creams, eat and enjoy. You will be billed $12 and you can order more ice cream upon arrival. It's that easy. And since tomorrow is gonna be a scorcher, having ice cream come to you is pretty sweet. If you're at all confused on how this may work, watch the video below that Uber put together clearing it all up.