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Chicago Diner Opening 2nd Spot at Logan Square Kitchen

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Chicago Diner in Boystown
Chicago Diner in Boystown
Photo: The Urchin Movement

As one of the few vegan restaurants in town, Chicago Diner has gained quite a cult following. And it's about to get bigger as news broke that Chicago Diner is opening a second location in the recently closed Logan Square Kitchen space at 2333 N. Milwaukee.

LSK posted to its Facebook page on July 4 that they handed over the keys to Chicago Diner, making the transfer official. The new restaurant, which has been "meat free since '83," is set to open this fall.

Chicago Diner has been drawing crowds for nearly 30 years for things like country fried "steak" (made with seitan), bi bim bop, the grilled portobello melt and other delicious dishes—not to mention the vegan shakes, wine, spirits and more. And for anyone who looks askance at a vegan diet, you should check out Chicago Diner; the food is really solid. It's pretty exciting to see them expanding out to Logan Square where they'll no doubt have an immediate built-in audience.
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Chicago Diner

2333 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL