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Emebya Pop-up Dinner Haiku Contest Winner

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Last week, Eater announced a contest to win the last two available tickets to a pop-up dinner between former L20 chef Laurent Gras and Thai Dang, the chef at the forthcoming Asian spot Embeya, taking place July 11. We asked readers to submit a haiku and after sifting through the many excellent (and some not so excellent) submissions, we have a winner.

Congrats to Eater reader Zach L. for his winning submission. We all agreed we liked the creativity and artistry behind it and how it was associated with Asian cooking. Zach and a guest will enjoy the intimate dinner taking place at a still-undisclosed location tomorrow night.

So what was the winning haiku? Here you go:

a wok without fire
is a building sans tenants
quiet and yearning


2300 North Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL 60614


564 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60661