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Chris Jones Out at Moto; Richie Farina Now Chef de Cuisine

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It looks like former Top Chef contestant Chris Jones has packed up his knives and left Fulton Market as he has stepped down from his position as chef de cuisine at Moto. Eater had gotten a tip about a week ago that Jones had been fired, but when we reached out to Moto chef/owner Homaro Cantu, he said that Jones decided to leave on his own volition.

"Not sure what it is you are referring to [regarding Jones being fired], but after Top Chef, and many successful years at Moto and iNG, chef Jones has decided to take some much needed time off," Cantu said. "So yes, he has left and is a gun for hire. I will always support him in all of his work and am excited to see what he does next." Jones eventually replied and backed up Cantu's statement saying, "I am indded taking a sabbatical to be with my family and plan my next move."

So with Jones out, that left a space to be filled at the top of the kitchen chain. Richie Farina, who also appeared on Top Chef with Jones, was the restaurant's exec sous chef, but is now the chef de cuisine, according to Moto's website. Farina was the first Chicago chef to be eliminated in an emotional episode, but it looks like he's sticking around Moto for some time.
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