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Sarah's Pastries & Candies to Close Both Retail Spots

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At the beginning of June, Sarah Levy announced she was going to move her longtime Oak Street shop, Sarah's Pastries & Candies, from the location next to the Esquire building, which is being demolished to make way for new retail and restaurants, around the corner to a new location at 1165 N. State. Now comes news that Levy will shutter that location as well as her Loop spot inside Macy's on State Street altogether.

The sad news comes as a shock as Levy has made quite a name for herself in the pastry business in Chicago and even on TV, where she won the Food Network Challenge. Levy, whose family started Levy Restaurants, said she's closing the shops to pursue "other food industry opportunities."

In a statement, Levy thanked her customers for helping make the last seven years a success for her, while doling out morning lattes to making birthday and wedding cakes. Part of the statement reads:

"As you know, the building we are currently in on Oak Street is coming down at the beginning of August. Our planned new space did not work out, and after much consideration, I have decided to close the retail stores and pursue other food industry opportunities. While there are many things I will miss, I am very excited about moving forward and grateful for the wonderful friendships I have made through Sarah's Pastries & Candies.

Levy will shutter the Macy's location on July 28 and the Oak Street spot will follow on July 31. The final delivery of wedding cakes will happen on Aug. 12.
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Sarah Levy [Photo: Heeb Magazine]

Sarah's Pastries & Candies

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