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Edzo's Burger Shop Expanding into City Late Fall

Edzo's in Evanston
Edzo's in Evanston
Photo: Brule Laker/Flickr

When you crave Eddie Lakin's burgers, you can't always make the trek up to Evanston. But come late fall or early winter, you'll only have to pop over to Lincoln Park because Lakin is set to open a second Edzo's Burger Shop in that neighborhood. Lakin just signed a lease at 2218 N Lincoln, which most recently housed Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzels, but is most famous for being the location of chef Louis Szathmáry's The Bakery Restaurant.

Lakin said the space is the reason he went with this spot over the location, although he said he loves the location. "I wasn't going location first," he said. "I was looking for the right situation," which in this case means that about 90 percent of the restaurant doesn't need to be touched.

It's about 1,200 square feet, so about the same size as the current location, but with less public space up front. Lakin said while it'll have fewer seats, they're getting creative with seating to accommodate as many people as possible. They'll have a 20-seat communal table in the center of the room with about 15 to 20 spots at a stand-and-eat counter at the front windows and along the walls. In addition, they'll have a handful of sit-down stools, "like at a sushi bar," he said. And yes, like in Evanston, Edzo's Lincoln Park will also have a rule that you can't claim seats until you have your food. "We just want to be fair to everyone," Lakin said.

The menu will be about 85 percent the same as his current location, but with some tweaks and limitations. They won't be able to have a char grill because the ventilation system is smaller, but will have all the flat-top grill burgers, fries and milkshakes (even the secret menu items) they have at Edzo's now. The current chicken sandwich is cooked on the char-grill, so Lakin will have to come up with a new version.

For the decor, the new location will have a similar feel to the original, but Lakin said he "may get funkier with the space" and has been trolling eBay for a few weeks looking for some old signage and "goofy things for the walls." Once they get open and rolling, Lakin said he'll feel better, but right now, "I'm feeling a little overwhelmed because there's a lot to do."

Edzo's Burger Shop #2

2218 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL