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m. henry Dinner Service

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m.henry-061412.jpgDue to the six-week shuttering of the Granville Red Line "L" station, m. henrietta (1133 W. Granville) owners Michael Moorman and Jorge Avila will move dinner service from the Edgewater location to their original Andersonville eatery, m. henry (5707 N. Clark). The BYOB-dinner will begin at m. henry on June 21 Thursdays through Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and reservations will be accepted for dinner. They've talked about adding dinner to m. henry so this "seemed like a perfect way to test the waters," Moorman said. [EaterWire]

M. Henrietta

1133 W Granville Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660 773 761 9700 Visit Website