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Readers Weigh in on Craig Schoettler, Aviary Shakeup

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It's no surprise that the news of Craig Schoettler being let go from The Aviary on Tuesday would be a big story. But the response in the comments section on Eater has been pretty astounding. As of this printing, the post has already garnered 60 comments on two pages, both in support of and bashing of the 25-year-old now-former exec chef of the West Loop cocktail lounge.

What is it about this particular story that has people so fired up? Many of the anonymous comments seem to want to kick Schoettler when he's down, saying he was somewhat of a tyrant to work for, while others say "he raised the bar and if mixology as a movement is going to grow we need people like Craig to do so and help develop new ideas and ways of doing things."

Some people try to simplify Schoettler's role, saying "he made fucking drinks for a living," while others say he is "incredibly talented" and that he will be able to do "whatever he wants, he's a super talented dude and has accomplished a lot."

Regardless of how he was perceived in his role (some people feel like others were threatened by his position at such a young age), many think the pettiness within the bartending community needs to end. Whatever your feelings for or against Schoettler, the Aviary or Chicago's cocktail community in general, one commenter summed it up well by saying, "Let's try to keep things civil, yes?"
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Craig Schoettler [Photo: Christian Seel]

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