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Watch Conan Jump a 10-foot Brat Across State St. Bridge

When Conan O'Brien comes to Chicago, shenanigans ensue. The late-night funny man is in Chicago this week taping his show and some pretty hilarious stuff has already gone down. O'Brien, filming at the Chicago Theater, talks about how the city is full of beautiful bridges, particularly the "world famous State Street Bridge."

"One thing I noticed is that when they raise the drawbridge up, it almost looks like a ramp," he said. "A ramp ... that when you think about it just a little bit is perfect for jumping insane Chicago-related things off of." With that, Conan got the permission of the CTA, the CPD, CFD and more to attempt to jump a 10-foot-long motorized bratwurst over the bridge. Did it make it? Go find out. And then tune in each night because he's going to launch more crazy shit over the State Street Bridge everyday this week.