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Lee Ann Whippen's Smoked Pulled Pork Pizza at Chicago q

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As part of Eater's first ever Pizza Week, chefs at five Chicago restaurants that don't serve pizza agreed to make a special limited-edition pizza or pizza-inspired dish, served just this week. Today we introduce the Smoked Pulled Pork Pizza from Chicago q.


With the weather warming up, Chicagoans have started firing up the grill. But if you don't feel like making your own barbecue, head to Chicago q, where pit master Lee Ann Whippen serves up award-winning fare. This week through Sunday, hit the upscale barbecue spot at dinner for the $9.75 appetizer comprising smoked pulled pork, julienne red onion, smoked corn, Original q BBQ sauce, monterey jack cheese and white and yellow cheddar cheese.

Whippen said that a lot of regulars have already been ordering the special pizza and have given positive feedback. Chicago q is even considering adding it to the menu. As for these ingredients? "We wanted to obviously incorporate our authentic barbecue into the pizza with a bit of a Southern twist," Whippen said. "That's why we opted for the smoked pulled pork and also the smoked corn that adds smokiness to our mild sauce. We're also hitting the crust with butter and our Pig Powder dry rub—sweet with a little heat."