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Pizza by the Numbers: Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

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Have you ever wondered how much work goes into having a successful pizza joint? During Pizza Week, we are talking with some of the busier pizzerias in Chicago to find out how much food they go through in a single week or month.


After winning numerous awards for its brewed-on-site craft beers and gaining top accolades for its New Haven-style pizza, Piece Brewery & Pizzeria is one of Chicago's top pizzerias (not to mention in the U.S.). It's no surprise Piece goes through a lot of ingredients in a month, but you might be surprised just how much their customers, both dine-in and delivery, actually eat.

In an average month, Piece goes through:

· Pounds of dough: 23,000
· Pounds of mozzarella: 10,160
· Pounds of tomatoes: 10,000
· Pounds of sausage: 1,400
· Pounds of pepperoni: 1,750
· Pounds of chicken: 960
· Pounds of mushrooms- 2,000
· Pounds of garlic: 470
· Pounds of onions: 720
· Pounds of spinach: 1,200
· Pounds of Nutella (for the chocolate dessert pizza): 22
· Pounds of mascarpone (for the chocolate dessert pizza): 40
· Pints of Piece beer (excluding growler pours): 32,500
· All draft beer pints (excluding growler pours): 33,500

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Piece Brewery & Pizzeria

1927 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL

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