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Hot Slices: Bill Kim

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Coalfire-White-150.jpgFor Belly Shack and Urbanbelly chef/owner Bill Kim and wife Yvonne Cadiz-Kim, they're split. "When I crave pizza my top choices are Great Lake in Andersonville and Coalfire Pizza on Grand. Our friends Lydia [Esparza] and Nick [Lessins] of Great Lake make this cremini mushroom pizza that is the best. Our other favorite is Coalfire. They make a white pizza with basil and oregano that is out of control! Delicious! We do a trade with Coal Fire once a week at Belly Shack and Urbanbelly. They deliver us pizza and we serve up dumplings, Kogi beef sandwiches and throw in some togarashi fries with curry mayo. It's a win win combo. (photo) [Hot Slices]


1321 West Grand Avenue, , IL 60642 (312) 226-2625 Visit Website

Great Lake

1477 W Balmoral Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640 773 334 9270