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Doug Sohn Loves Pizza and Has a Lot to Say About It

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Doug Sohn is normally pretty serious about encased meats, but the Hot Doug's owner is equally passionate about pizza. In his words:

Growing up on the near north side of Chicago, my two favorite pizza parlors (that's what we called them back then . . . well, not really, but it's fun to say) were Pizzeria Due, which still exists, and the old Gino's on Rush near Oak, which doesn't. Gino's was one of those dark restaurants that you really never wanted to see with the lights full on.
I still love the classic Chicago deep-dish pizza, sausage only. My current favorite is Pequod's. It also helps that it's near my house and you get to watch hockey. Don't get me wrong: I love pizza in all its forms. I'm a big fan of the thin-crust, cut-into-squares, sweet tomato sauce-style that gets delivered to my house from Pete's Pizza on Western. And I'm delighted with the more recent pizzerias like Piece, Spacca Napoli, I Monelli and Coalfire. I'd write more, but there are a couple of slices of Lou Malnati's deep dish in my fridge (I like to support as many local pizzerias as I can) and I haven't had breakfast yet.

Hot Doug's

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