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Going Behind the Scenes With Curtis Duffy at Grace

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Photo: Bonjwing Lee

In the first of a series of exclusive behind-the-scenes articles, Eater talks with Curtis Duffy, who is currently working on opening his first restaurant, Grace. In the article, written by contributor Bonjwing Lee (author of the blog the ulterior epicure), a number of interesting details about Duffy's life come through.

This first post talks about cooking in the Italian Alps; goes into detail about Duffy's culinary history; and reveals elements of Grace, like that the kitchen will be designed by Quebec-based Sani Metal Ltd. (SML), which designed the kitchens at Alinea, L20 and Per Se, and that Bobby Schaffer, his pastry chef at Avenues, is back in the mix.

But a more shocking tidbit that was dropped in among personal information was that the stoic Duffy's parents died in a murder-suicide when he was just 18, which could help explain his quiet demeanor. Grace is anticipated to open this fall and Eater will continue to deliver more details leading up to the opening.
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652 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL