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Prost! German Beer Hall Re-opens in Expanded Space

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If you're looking for a place to celebrate Oktoberfest all year, you're in luck: Prost! just re-opened. The German-styled beer hall, which originally opened a few years ago and then closed, has taken over the adjacent space, remodeled and is now open again for business.

The new Prost! looks a lot like something out of Germany, with long, wooden communal tables (reportedly imported from Germany), 24 beers on tap and a collection of vintage beer steins. And the menu from chef Ian Flowers? Think strudel with mushroom, asparagus and gouda; six types of wurst (nurnberger wurst, thuringer wurst; weisswurt; you get the picture); and hearty entrees like wiener schnitzel, kaese spatzel and short rib sauerbraten, for example. And this being Lincoln Park, don't think Prost! doesn't have some TVs; in fact, it has 20. Ready to raise a pint?
· A German Beer Hall Returns to Lincoln Park [Thrillist]

[Photo: Thrillist]


2566 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL

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