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Watch Kobayashi Eat 5 Al's Beef Sandwiches in 95 Seconds

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To help kick off Memorial Day Weekend, competitive eater Kobayashi kicked some local butt. Kobayashi, who held the Nathan's Coney Island hot dog-eating record for six years, hit Chicago on May 25 and participated in a lighthearted Al's Italian Beef-eating contest against five ChicagoNow bloggers at the Tribune Tower.

The challenge? Kobayashi had to eat five beef sandwiches before the five bloggers could eat theirs. Was it even a match? Let's put it this way: Kobayashi devoured all five in a minute and 35 seconds and then ate one more, you know, just because he could.

· A team of five ChicagoNow bloggers vs Kobayashi: Who can eat more Al's Beef sandwiches? [ChicagoNow via Chicagoist]

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