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Waffles Looking to Expand North to Lakeview

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It's been nearly a year since Alex Hernandez revealed plans for his breakfast and lunch spot Waffles, which opened last August in the South Loop. The place has been so popular with area diners that Hernandez is already on the hunt to open a second location, this time in Lakeview.

"I've had a lot of requests from people up north who have come down," Hernandez said. "It's not a quick trip and they have to plan for it. I saw no reason not to look for another space," Hernandez is looking for a location with an existing kitchen. "I'd like to find something where I don't have to build a kitchen from scratch," he said. "Most of what I've looked at has had great space, but no kitchen." He said that if he does open in Lakeview that he'll likely tweak the menu a bit and may add dinner service.
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