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Bryce Caron Out at Blackbird, 'Just Wasn't a Fit'

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Despite being named a Best New Pastry Chef by Food & Wine earlier this year, Bryce Caron has been let go from that position at Blackbird. Caron learned of the news this morning by co-owners Donnie Madia and Paul Kahan, who is the executive chef, as well as director of operations Kimberly Phillips. When asked what happened, Caron simply said they told him, "It just wasn't a fit."

Caron worked at the restaurant for just about a year, even though, "I wanted that to be three or four," he said. During his time there, he had been in a relationship with the restaurant's dining room manager. That ended about three months ago, but Caron said things between them were positive. So why was he let go? The official statement from the restaurant: "We amicably chose to part ways."

Caron said that he and Kahan have had numerous conversations, both positive and negative, about the food where feedback from the servers would help him change things accordingly. Other than that, he said he didn't have any heads up this might be coming.

As for what's next, Caron said there aren't a lot of pastry jobs in Chicago for the level of work he's producing. "There's a lot on both coasts, which I'm contemplating." He also said he's thinking about possibly moving away from pastry and more into the savory side of cooking. Despite being let go and not feeling great about that, Caron said he has nothing but positive things to say about the company. "I was there a year and it was a great year."
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