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Is John des Rosiers Planning Another Restaurant?

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While John des Rosiers kicks off lunch today at the recently opened Moderno, does he have other plans in the works? The inovasi chef tweeted Saturday that "sometimes u have to go back." He attached a photo of a hand-scribbled note that may reveal plans for a future restaurant.

The note reads like a poem: "Before...when chefs cared about ingredients above all else. When chefs weren't rock stars...when owners remembered they were in the room to serve guests...when nothing in a restaurant was done just to be cool...Before...sometimes you have to go back. Chicago 2015." When contacted for more details, des Rosiers simply said, "We're always working on future projects and we have a number of things coming up in the next few years." Guess we'll have to wait.


1850 Second Street, Highland park, Illinois 60035