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Pizza by the Numbers: Bricks Chicago

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Have you ever wondered how much work goes into having a successful pizza joint? During Pizza Week, we are talking with some of the busier pizzerias in Chicago to find out how much food they go through in a single week or month.

[Photo: Yelp]

Even though its owners opened the shiny new Big Bricks in North Center earlier this year, Bricks in the heart of Lincoln Park will always be their baby. The place feels like a pizza joint with its lower level entrance, dark vibe and solid craft beer list. Bricks has been delivering pizzas to Lincoln Parkers for years and they apparently eat a lot. How much? Read on to find out...

During an average week, Bricks goes through:

· Pounds of pizza dough: 30 to 35 batches = 600 pounds
· Pounds of mozzarella: 320
· No. of fresh tomatoes: 2 cases of roma tomatoes for toppings
· Pounds of sausage: 40
· Pounds of pepperoni: 25
· Pounds of mushrooms: 15
· Pounds of spinach: 8 cases = 40 pounds
· Pounds of onions: 15
· Orders of garlic bread: 100

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Bricks Chicago

1909 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL