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What's the Worst Pizza in Chicago? Readers Weigh In

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There are a lot of fantastic pizzerias in this city, but there are also a lot of really bad ones. Right now, Eater sites across the country are shining a light on those garbage slices, and lame-o pies. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Bad Pizza Power Hour.

Instead of us making a bold statement and putting our stamp on which pizzas we feel suck, we let you, our Eater readers, weigh in. We reached out to Twitter and Facebook (where there are more posts) to get your opinions. And many of you have some pretty strong opinions.

So, without editing (unless where restaurant names were misspelled) or censoring, here is what you, our dear readers, think are some of the worst pizzas in Chicago:

"Bacci in wrigleyville. Not even good drunk and all pizza is good after drinking. Sloppy, tasteless mess." -- J Bifro from Twitter

"Malnati's has always sucked. God only knows why people like it. I lived near the Buffalo House in Wheeling/BG, and when they put a Malnati's in there, we were heart-broken. Greasy and tasteless, except for over-salting." -- Victoria O, from Facebook.

"Not-so-fresh ingredients. At Aurelios, in particular. And I'm not a fan of sausage patties the size of pie pans." -- Genene M. from Facebook

"Sarpinos... ugh, and they are EVERYWHERE." -- Kim A. from Facebook

"Worst pizza, ranaldi's." Javier C. from Twitter

"Giordano's it always makes me sick!" -- Linda B. from Facebook

"Bacci made me sick once." -- Matthew J. from Facebook

"Tomato Head. Gooey and watery, bland overall. Help." -- Diana C. from Facebook

"Sarpino's is the worst. puffy crust with no crunch and the sauce is bland and the toppings are clearly no where near fresh. barf." -- Leah A. from Facebook

"Tedino's on Sheridan. Salty, overly-cheesy, tasteless sauce. I'd rather go hungry." -- Toni D. from Facebook

"D'Agostino's. That is unless you do enjoy eating brown paper bags and runny tomato sauce." Michael Y. from Facebook

"Pequod's. I think the sauce makes the pizza, and they seem to skimp on it. It reminds me of market day pizza bread." -- JustinCos from Twitter

"Piece on North Ave. It's for out of town transplants and trendy yuppies who don't know good pizza. All you taste is dough. I'd rather throw a Totino's in the microwave." -- Joe H. from Facebook

"Village Pizza on Chicago and western it is HORRID." -- Tatiana M. from Facebook

"Pizza Metro. Sorry, Tastes like donuts." Isaiah E. from Facebook

"Domino's is the worst Pizza in the country - bad dough, bad sauce, etc." -- Kelli P. from Facebook

"Congress Pizza. Tastes like fish. I'm not kidding." -- Mary G. from Facebook

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