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Maid-Rite Diner-Style Restaurant Coming to Chicago

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If you've spent any time in Iowa, chances are you've eaten at—or at least driven by—a Maid-Rite. Come June, you won't have to travel across state lines as Maid-Rite is opening in Lincoln Park. The quick-service old-time diner known for its "loose-meat sandwich" is targeting to open in late June or early July at 2429 N. Lincoln just north of Fullerton in the former Vini's Pizza location.

While Maid-Rite may seem like a fast-food joint, the casual restaurant has a waitstaff to take your order and offers a menu of inexpensive items with fresh ingredients. Their Maid-Rite 415-calorie ground beef sandwich is served with all-natural grass- and corn-fed Iowa-raised beef and "no pink slime," said Maid-Rite president and CEO Bradley Burt.

In addition to its signature sandwich, Maid-Rite's menu offers fresh garden salads; smoked turkey and chicken wraps; housemade potato chips, fries and onion rings; beer-battered cod filets; hot roast beef sandwiches; natural shakes and malts; and it will serve beer and wine. Burt said the average ticket price per person hovers just around $7.

The nearly 1,600 square-foot restaurant will have 56 seats, including 12 counter stools, and is decorated in an old-time fashion that Burt said mirrors Maid-Rite's history and hometown hospitality with a philosophy of serving "all fresh quality ingredients without any additives in a spotlessly clean environment." The company is conscious of using biodegradable and compostable materials and uses cholesterol-free and no-trans-fat oil in their fryers.

Maid-Rite has more than 70 locations around the country and is expanding throughout the central and Southwest United States. This spot, franchised by businessman Rob Svendsen, is the first location in Chicago, but Burt said they're in talks to possibly open two other locations in the city. "No one has what we offer," Burt said. "Chicago is a great town to be in."

Maid Rite's Lincoln Park Menu


2429 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL