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Spend a "Day in the Life" With Stephanie Izard

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Hulu's original series, A Day in the Life, spent, well, a day in the life of Stephanie Izard and it's live now online. The weekly show, which highlighted Mario Batali last week, focused its attention on the Girl & The Goat chef, following her through her day, which oftentimes begins at 6 with a trip to the gym, but today she pushed back to 6:30 to get coffee at Starbucks with her boyfriend, Gary Valentine, and their puppy, Burt.

Izard then hits the Goat to meet up with her bread maker (who makes about 200 loaves, croutons, pizza dough and more daily) and her butcher, her vegetarian butcher. The video takes viewers throughout the day, which includes prep for dinner service with about 30 cooks. Izard works on a shrimp dish with butter, "because it makes shrimp taste better," and she mentions she likes crunchy things.

Izard explains that she learned from an early chef boss who yelled all the time that she didn't want to be that kind of chef or boss—and that she didn't want to make fruit platters at hotels. And there's also a quick planning meeting about her new restaurant, The Little Goat, set to open across the street. She said it's just a diner and not a "chef-driven" diner and she won't make cupcakes or wedding cakes or "any of that crap." Want to know more? Just go watch the video below.

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