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Go to Italy with Spiaggia Exec Sous Chef Chris Marchino

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Working with Tony Mantuano and Sarah Grueneberg at Spiaggia would be a great education in Italian cooking for any chef. But when Mantuano says go to Tuscany and learn first hand, you don't question it. That's what exec sous chef Chris Marchino, who was recently named a Zagat rising star under 30, will do from May 27 to June 3. And you can join him.

Marchino will head to Italy with Gourmet Destinations and will visit a number of farms and producers, including Cinte Sensi, a pig farm that produces some of Italy's best salumi; Casale Organic Farm, where they produce Pienza cheese from the milk; Chianina Beef Farms; and stops at olive oil producers and honey bee farmers. Want to go? If you have an extra $4,000, you can join Marchino on his virgin trip to the motherland.


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