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Bleeding Heart Bakery Close to Opening Belmont Location; Will Use GrubHub for Delivery

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After announcing plans to shutter their Oak Park spot, Bleeding Heart Bakery co-owner Michelle Garcia is seeking funding for the new Belmont shop. Over the weekend, Garcia posted to Facebook that she needs a "magical money fairy investor who trusts me and my bakery/product and knows we will only do good with the money." In the comments below the post, she added she is making a video for a Kickstarter campaign.

Eater got in touch with Garcia for clarification about this "money fairy." She said they're close to opening the Belmont location (possibly in about a week), and just need a little investment to tie up some loose ends and give them the extra push to open; she didn't disclose the amount they're seeking.

Once they do open, this location will feature a test kitchen for all the BHB locations "to practice for competitions and test out new concepts and products." In addition, they will work with GrubHub to deliver cakes and other baked goods from day one. Garcia added that this new store will bring together elements of all their other locations and will mark a return to their pastry roots.

"The space is simply beautiful and the menus we have planned are like nothing we've done before," Garcia said. "The menu will be rotating constantly. We've gone back to our farm-to-fork roots and are working with our farmers much more closely. It's also the store that brought Vinny and I closer than we've ever been."
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Bleeding Heart Bakery's former Belmont shop [Photo: Bubbly Bride]

Bleeding Heart Bakery

1351 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL