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Roof at the Wit Adding Year-Round Retractable Roof

On May 9, Roof at the Wit Hotel will unveil its new year-round retractable rooftop. The glass-enclosed structure, created by using state of the art 3D imaging, measures 30 feet wide and 21 feet tall and required the use of helicopters flying 300 feet above the Loop to lower 17 steel beams down onto the 27-story building at the corner of State and Lake.

Once it debuts, Roof will be able to stay open later since the retractable roof will then make the space more of a traditional late-night bar. The new spot will have a 12-foot-wide 7mm outdoor HDTV display for showing sporting events and other videos, as well as a new LED light system that will project images off the new glass enclosure. Roof will also roll out new events focused around fashion shows, DJ nights, theme nights during the week and its Sunday afternoon parties.

The hotel put together a video, including requisite dramatic music, big rigs, helicopters and, of course, scenes of scantily clad women dancing, to demonstrate the glass enclosure's construction process. The dancing girls likely helped the construction time fly by. So go watch...

ROOF at the Wit

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