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Grant Achatz & Dave Beran in Japan to Prep for Kyoto

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There's still more than a month in Next's elBulli menu, but that's not stopping Grant Achatz and Dave Beran from getting ready for an upcoming iteration ... even if it won't begin until September. The pair flew to Japan last week to kick off a 10-day research trip for their Kyoto menu, which will be implemented following the Sicily menu that takes place after elBulli.

Achatz and Beran tied their trip into dining at the incredibly intimate Aronia de Takazawa in Tokyo where Achatz tweeted, "Day 2 of 10 Japan w/@dcberan long line restos 2 hit in prep 4 Nexts Kyoto menu. 1st, dinner-Aronia de Takazawa 4 last service as we know it!" Eater reached out to Achatz who texted they are doing advance research for the Kyoto menu before flying off to London for the S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant ceremony at the end of the month.

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